Residential Street Speed Limits

The Town is in the process of lowering the residential speed limit to 25 mph. Flower Mound Town Council voted on Nov. 15, 2021 to make this change after discussing safety concerns and at the recommendation of the Transportation Commission.  

Many residential streets in town are currently 30 mph. Prior to this change, subdivisions could collect two-thirds of residents’ signatures to request their speed limits be lowered to 25 mph. Approximately 20 percent of Flower Mound residential streets are already at 25 mph or less because of those requests or because Town staff determined a lower speed limit was appropriate for a particular roadway.


Staff is rolling out the reduced speed limit signs on residential streets across town, starting on the northeast side (Sign District 1) and working in order through the Sign Districts to District 7. The entire process is expected to take 18 months. We will provide updates on our website when crews enter new neighborhoods and areas. The new 25 mph speed limit goes into effect on a street once the speed limit sign is posted. 

Crews are currently working to change out the signs in Sign District 6 (see map below). Sign Districts 1-5 have been substantially completed.


In determining to make this change, staff, the Transportation Commission, and Town Council looked at many safety factors, including speed versus the likelihood of injury or death. A National Highway Traffic Safety Administration study found that a pedestrian’s risk of death when a vehicle is going 20 mph is 5 percent, but it’s 40 percent at 30 mph. 

A subdivision can now request that the speed limit be raised back to 30 mph with two-thirds support from its residents and final action by Town Council. 

Sign Districts (Crews are working from 1 to 7)

Map of Sign Districts

Blue: Sign District 1
Green: Sign District 2
Purple: Sign District 3
Red: Sign District 4
Teal: Sign District 5
Yellow: Sign District 6
Orange: Sign District 7