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2023 Veterans Day Relay Run

  1. Relay Runners*

    This year's Veterans Day Relay Run will take place on Friday, November 10. Chosen runners for the Veterans Day Relay Run will run with the American Flag (approx. 20"x 30" in size) for approximately one to two miles. Preference will be given to veterans, those currently serving in the military, and Flower Mound residents. Check the box below if you understand the information provided.

  2. Please indicate the time of the day you are available to run. Note: Runners will be assigned spots according to availability.

  3. Each runner will run approximately 1 to 2 miles.

  4. Are you a veteran?*
  5. Are you willing to run a leg of the race alongside one or more people?*
  6. NOTE: Past participation does not guarantee a spot in this year's event. Also, signing-up does not guarantee participation. If there are several requests for a certain portion of the race, more than one person may be assigned a relay leg. In this case, one runner would carry the U.S. flag while the other runner(s) would carry a military branch flag.
  7. In an effort to personalize the event, the Town’s Communications Department will include why each runner was inspired to participate in the relay run in social media posts on race day. Please fill out the following questions with the information you are OK with being published on the Town's official Facebook and Twitter accounts.
  8. If you are not a veteran, please write "n/a".
  9. Please include name, what branched they served in, and their relation to you.
  10. Please share any additional information you'd like the organizers to know. Or, let us know if you have a connection to a Flower Mound school.
  11. Additional Information

    Registration will end Sunday, October 15 at midnight. Chosen relay runners will be notified of their relay location and time the week of Monday, October 23. There will be a mandatory relay participant meeting at 6 p.m. on Wednesday, November 1 at the Community Activity Center, where the Police Department will discuss safety guidelines and answer any additional questions.

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