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Last Updated: May 13, 2021, 8:45 a.m.

Town of Flower Mound Response

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Vaccine Information

The Flower Mound Fire Department has exhausted its limited supply of the vaccine. We ask the community to please refrain from calling the Fire Department with questions regarding vaccine availability, at this time. The Fire Department does not anticipate receiving any additional fire dose allotments.

All individuals 12+ are now eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine. If you are eligible, please visit the Texas COVID-19 Vaccine Provider Locations map to see if and where you might be able to get a vaccine. You can also reach out directly to your personal healthcare providers and other sources, such as county health departments (Denton and Tarrant counties) and pharmacies to check vaccine availability.

Denton County Public Health Department

Denton County Public Health (DCPH) offers COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics. Please visit to sign up for a waitlist to receive the COVID-19 vaccine on the Vaccine Interest Portal. The portal allows all individuals ages 12 and above to sign up for a COVID-19 vaccine. 

Once DCPH receives vaccines from the state, those who meet eligibility requirements as set by the Texas Department of State Health Services will receive further notification and appointment scheduling confirmation of their date, time, and place to receive their COVID-19 vaccination. The Vaccine Interest Portal will continue to be utilized as additional vaccine supply is sent to DCPH. View Denton County's January 8 Press Release for more details on the Vaccine Interest Portal. 

If you received a confirmation text or email, you are on the DCPH waitlist and do not need to do anything else. As DCPH are allocated additional vaccines, they will send out appointment scheduling to the next eligible individuals on the waitlist, as well as scheduling second doses for individuals who already received their first vaccine thru DCPH. 

If you do not receive a confirmation text or email within 24 hours of submission into the waitlist, please call their COVID-19 hotline at 940.349.2585 and they can verify your information.

Beginning Tuesday, February 2, 2021, DCPH will vaccinate registered individuals at the Texas Motor Speedway. To help alleviate calls and questions, DCPH has asked for assistance in relaying the following information:

  • Appointments are required for all vaccination clinics. Eligible individuals can be put on a waitlist to receive the vaccine on the Vaccine Interest Portal at
  • If you receive an appointment time, please arrive as close as possible to your appointment time. Message boards and directional signs will guide individuals with appointments through the property to the clinic. 
  • When receiving a vaccination at the DCPH clinic, you will be unable to select a preference of a certain vaccine. As a state vaccination hub, DCPH is not allowed to provide this option. 
  • DCPH cannot give you the second dose of a vaccine, if they did not provide you the first dose. You must return to the provider of your first dose, as this is important to make sure you receive the second dose from the same manufacturer as the first.


Denton County has teamed up with the Denton County Transportation Authority (DCTA) and Span Inc. of Denton County to provide bus transportation to the DCPH vaccination clinics. Please call the DCTA customer service hotline at 940.243.0077 to schedule a ride. The complementary service is only available to those who have a scheduled vaccination appointment at Texas Motor Speedway. View additional details. 

Tarrant County Public Health

Tarrant County Public Health is also hosting COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics, as well. To learn more and sign-up online, visit the County's vaccine webpage.

State of Texas

View additional information regarding qualifying individuals on the Texas Department of State Health Services website. For more helpful vaccine information, check out the Texas DSHS COVID-19 Vaccine FAQ webpage. The FAQ is divided into categories and includes basic vaccine information, planning and distribution, effectiveness, safety, and more.

State Provides Locations of Large COVID-19 Vaccination Hubs 

The Texas Department of State Health Services has provided a list of locations for its vaccine hubs along with information on how to sign-up at

Confirmed Cases in Flower Mound

Recovered Cases in Flower Mound

Denton and Tarrant Counties provide a count of the recovered confirmed cases. To view that data, visit (Denton County) and (Tarrant County).

Unfortunately, due to privacy laws around personal medical information, that is all the information surrounding this news the Town can share. For additional questions, please contact the Denton County Public Health Department, which has set-up a hotline at 940.349.2585 for community members seeking additional information. The call center is open weekdays, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Staying Connected to Public Health Officials

The Town of Flower Mound follows the guidelines and recommendations set forth by the Denton County Public Health Department, Texas Department of State Health Services, and the CDC. In addition, the Town’s Emergency Management Office is in communication with the Denton County Public Health Department and other health partners to ensure the Town has the latest information and is proactively protecting residents and Town staff.

Town Facility Reopenings

Per the governor’s order, all facilities, minus the Senior Center, will operate at 100 percent capacity. The Senior Center reopened with a modified schedule on Monday, April 5, 2021. 

Residents are encouraged to continue conducting Town business online when possible and if it is necessary to meet with staff, to make appointments in advance. While visiting Town facilities and amenities, it is important to practice social distancing. Find out how you can conduct Town business online.

Previous Actions Taken by Mayor and Town Council

Due to the first presumptive positive case of coronavirus/COVID-19 in Denton County, Flower Mound Mayor Steve Dixon first signed a disaster declaration ( for the Town of Flower Mound on March 15, 2020. On March 19, the Town Council unanimously approved the extension of the disaster declaration until April 20 and postponed the May 2 General Election to November 3, 2020.

Following the Town Council’s voted to approve the disaster declaration extension, Mayor Steve Dixon signed an amended declaration on March 20 and a second amended declaration on March 23, 2020. Due to the County’s March 24 Executive Order, Mayor Dixon followed suit with a third amended declaration to ensure the Town was in compliance with the County mandates.

On the last day of the third amended disaster declaration, April 20, Mayor Steve Dixon formally signed a fourth-amended disaster declaration that aligned with current State and County stay-at-home mandates.  

On April 28, Flower Mound Mayor Steve Dixon formally signed a fifth-amended disaster declaration that aligns with the new State of Texas mandates Gov. Abbott announced to safely and strategically open Texas in a phased approach while minimizing the spread of COVID-19. To view the Town of Flower Mound’s fifth amended disaster declaration, which expired May 18, please visit

Denton County Response

  • Denton County COVID-19 Hotline: 940.349.2585 (Open Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.)
  • - Interactive maps, charts, and data divided by zip code, city, or unincorporated area, and recovered counts by city  
  • - local COVID-19 information, previous press releases, and additional recommendations for community members and healthcare providers
  • - learn which phases are able to be vaccinated, when registration for DCPH vaccine clinics open/close, and find other providers in Denton County who've received COVID-19 vaccine

Previous Denton County Mandates

Denton County issued a Disaster Declaration that expired on May 15, 2020 that stated: 

  • The Denton County Emergency Operations Plan and the Denton County Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Plan shall remain activated through the end of the COVID-19 disaster. 
  • As allowed by Local Government Code 262.024, exempt bidding requirements for the purpose of purchasing items necessary to preserve or protect the public health or safety of the residents of the county. This exemption shall remain in effect until a time when the Disaster Declaration is lifted. 
  • Nothing in this Order is intended to impose restrictions inconsistent with Order GA-18 or any other subsequent order issued by the Governor in effect relating to COVID-19. Please visit to read the current Executive Orders of the Governor.
  • To the greatest extent possible, all businesses and residents shall comply with the Social Distancing Guideline set forth by the CDC and Governor’s Report to Open Texas dated April 27, 2020. (  

State of Texas Response

March 2, 2021 Update

Gov. Abbott in a press conference announced he will be rescinding most of his COVID-19-related executive orders, as outlined in Executive Order GA-34. This will include expanding capacities at all Texas businesses and facilities to 100 percent and allowing the statewide mask order to expire on Wednesday, March 10, 2021.

As the basis for his decision, Gov. Abbott cited positive trends in active cases, positivity rates and hospitalizations, as well as the ramp-up in vaccine distribution to as many as one million shots administered per week. While the statewide mandates are set to expire, Gov. Abbott urged Texans to continue taking precautions to keep themselves and others safe. Businesses may still limit capacity or implement additional safety protocols at their own discretion. 

His latest order also allows for county-level restrictions. Specifically, if a Trauma Service Area sees COVID-19-related hospitalizations rise above 15 percent for seven consecutive days, county judges will have the ability to issue limited orders of their own. As a reminder, Trauma Service Area E, which covers Denton and Tarrant counties, hit that milestone in early December 2020, but was able to roll back these restrictions on Tuesday, February 16, 2021.

February 16, 2021 Restrictions Update

On February 16, Denton County received notification that Trauma Service Area E has had seven consecutive days where total COVID-19 hospital capacity is 15 percent or less. This includes Denton County, which now allows all restaurants to increase capacity to 75 percent and allows bars to reopen at 50 percent capacity. 

In addition, all licensed hospitals may resume elective surgeries as outlined in Executive Order GA-32

December 3, 2020 Restrictions Update

Denton County is part of Trauma Service Area Region E, along with 18 other counties. In Gov. Abbott’s Executive Order No. GA-32 it outlines occupancy restrictions when hospitalizations of COVID-19 patients in a Trauma Service Areas (TSA) exceed 15 percent for seven consecutive days.

On December 3, TSA Region E exceeded this threshold, which triggers the following occupancy restrictions, as outlined in Executive Order GA-32 (and Executive Order GA-31 for elective procedures):

  • Any business currently operating at 75 percent occupancy, will now be limited to 50 percent occupancy. This occupancy limit does not apply to any services listed by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) in its Guidance on the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workforce, religious services, childcare facilities, youth camps, recreational sports programs, schools, drive-in concerts, movies, or similar events (under guidelines that maintain appropriate social distancing and that generally require spectators to remain in their vehicles, and that minimize in-person contact between people who are not in the same household or vehicle), and local government operations. This also excludes certain personal care/service businesses that operate with at least six feet of social distancing between work stations such as hair salons/barber shops, nail salons, tattoo studios, tanning salons, and massage establishments.
  • Any non-essential medical surgery or procedure must be postponed, if such surgery would deplete any hospital capacity needed to cope with the COVID-19 disaster.
  • All Denton County bars will close, until operations determined by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC).
  • The visiting of nursing homes, state supported living centers, assisted living facilities, or long-term care facilities is determined through guidance from the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC). 

The occupancy limits can return to 75 percent when TSA Region E has seven consecutive days in which the number of COVID-19 hospitalized patients as a percentage of total hospital capacity is 15 percent or less.