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Outstanding Citizenship Award Nomination Form

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  3. Category*

    Individual: One person only Group: Two or more people only

  4. mm/dd/yy

  5. Not applicable if you are nominating a group. Also, only one name can be submitted for the individual award. If you would like to nominate more than one person (i.e. a couple you need to submit them as a group)

  6. Not applicable if you are nominating an individual.

  7. Must be a Flower Mound based group or resident

  8. Please list a minimum of 3 verifiable unrelated events or accomplishments by this individual or group. More is always better to assist the selection committee in making their decision.

  9. From the events or accomplishments previously described, how do they benefit the community. The scope of work or services needs to impact Flower Mound residents.

  10. Submit a photo that demonstrates or enhances this nomination.

  11. photos are very helpful and assist the committee in the verification process


  13. Would you be willing to visit with the committee to discuss your nomination?*

    The selection committee may wish to visit with you to discuss your nomination to either clarify some statements or get more information.

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