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I.N. the Know - Tip Information Form

  1. With the purpose of saving lives, the Flower Mound Police Department has launched an innovative program called I.N. the Know, a new tool to help combat drug abuse among teens within the community. The “I.N.” of the title stands for “Identify” and “Notify,” two key components of the initiative.
  2. How Does I.N. the Know Work?
  3. 1. Officers will focus on identifying at-risk teens that are using or experimenting with dangerous drugs, specifically heroin.
  4. 2. Once identified, the Police Department will reach out and notify family members their son or daughter may be using heroin and provide the necessary resources and support to help that young person get back on the path to success.
  5. 3. I.N. the Know is not intended to be an enforcement effort, rather, a life-saving mission for Flower Mound youth.
  6. 4. Most importantly, all tips and information regarding teen narcotic use will remain confidential and no criminal charges will be filed, once information is provided.
  7. Often, community members, school officials, and fellow classmates become aware of a teenager’s drug use. Due to various reasons such as lack of evidence, not wanting to get involved, or get the person in trouble, nothing is done about the situation. However, with I.N. the Know, the silence ends and help begins.
  8. Different Ways to Send a Tip
  9. 1. You may call Flower Mound Police Sergeant James Pulis at 972.874.6184 or the FMPD non-emergency line at 972.539.0525.
  10. 2. You may leave your tip in the space provided below. This information is electronically sent to the I.N. the Know tip center, where it is then forwarded to the Flower Mound Police Department. All tips will remain confidential and no criminal charges will be filed.
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