What happens if I don’t repair my sidewalk?
Code enforcement officers will issue notices to those who have not participated in the program or have not completed their sidewalk repair independently. The town will then hire contractors on a case-by-case basis to repair the sidewalks. Once the repair has been completed, the homeowner has 30 days to pay the bill or a lien for the cost of the repair, plus administrative cost, is attached to the property. This will result in higher costs to the homeowner as the concrete work is hired independently of the program and administrative costs are added to the total.

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1. Why did the Town begin this program?
2. I thought the town took care of sidewalks. Why do I have to pay for it?
3. Is the town making money off of this program?
4. Why is it cheaper to participate with the Town rather than hiring my own contractor?
5. What happens if I don’t repair my sidewalk?
6. What happens if my irrigation system is damaged during the repairs to my sidewalk?
7. Who do I contact for more information?