How often is my meter read and how is it read?
The Town of Flower Mound has six billing cycles every month to allow customers more time to pay their water bills. With six billing cycles, it is the policy of the Meter Services Division to read all meters on a monthly basis. In accordance with this policy, the bill you receive will be on a monthly basis. The meter readers are equipped to read your meter with an electronic reading device. This device downloads the current usage into the utility billing system, eliminating any guesswork or human error.
In some circumstances, where a meter has to be read manually, the meter readers are equipped to read the meter by hand with special tools. Because all of the meters are located in meter boxes that are placed in the ground, dirt accumulation is a constant problem. Weather, soil type, leaves, and ant beds all contribute to the situation. Whenever this occurs and a water meter needs to be read manually, the meter readers simply brush away the dirt to reveal the meter dial. They also have specially designed reading tubes to read through the water in order to acquire a read, which, in turn, is entered into the hand-held equipment manually.

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