Does the Town want to develop the Sunrise Circle area?

No. The Town does not develop, nor seek to develop, private property. The Town’s role in the development of private property is limited to administrating and enforcing the Town’s land development regulations.

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1. Does the Town want to develop the Sunrise Circle area?
2. Why didn’t the Town finish the improvements it started in 2004?
3. Why didn’t the Town use CDBG funding to start with sewer improvements first?
4. If the CDBG funding was pulled by HUD in 2011, why is the Town planning to bring sewer to the Sunrise Circle area now?
5. When did the development interest start that prompted the Town to start planning the sewer extension?
6. Has the Sunrise Circle wastewater connection project been pulled from the Fiscal Year 2023-24 budget?
7. Why does the 2023-2024 budget not show the project listed at all, and why has the Town continued to reduce budgeting for this project year after year?
8. Why was there $1,270,000 set to be allocated towards this project in the 2021-2022 budget, and only $470,000 allocated in 2022-2023?
9. What was the $1,270,000 reallocated towards?
10. Is the Town planning any improvements for residents that live north of Oakridge Lane?
11. Does Senate Bill 1248 prevent the Town from regulating the types of residential structures within the Sunrise Circle and Oakridge Lane neighborhoods?
12. Did the annexation service plan adopted on September 9, 1999 (Ord. 58-99) require the Town to extend sewer service to the Sunrise Circle area?
13. Does the Sunrise Circle petition require the Town to extend sewer services?