Inspections Report

Town staff inspects the pad sites both regularly and on reported issues. For drilling, fracturing, and other operations that would qualify for an active site, the operations/pad sites are inspected approximately three times per week or more to monitor the operations. Town staff also conducts a thorough inspection once per month for each pad site in addition to periodically checking the pad sites throughout the month that are in production. The monthly inspection covers items such as having the required signage and correct emergency contact information, checking for any spills, maintenance of the perimeter of the site, landscaping, fencing/screening, road access, handheld air monitoring check, and noise monitoring for drilling, fracturing, and production/compression operations. The perimeter and pad site air quality check is conducted with a Toxic Vapor Analyzer (TVA) . In addition to the site air quality check, the Town continues to conduct monthly air monitoring through a third party and the TCEQ air monitoring station continues to operate near the Fire Station at Shiloh Road and FM 1171. Results of the Town’s air monitoring efforts and the TCEQ data can be located at:
Town of Flower Mound Air Quality Page

Operators are typically given 30 days to resolve any minor issues or violations such as landscaping deficiencies or painting of equipment. Violations which are deemed a public or environmental safety hazard are reported to the operator immediately and to the appropriate state regulatory agency if necessary. Town staff will assess the issue with the operator to determine an appropriate course of action to be taken, at which point a deadline will be set. Non-compliance with the Town’s regulations results in a penalty, which can include citations or additional enforcement actions depending on the nature of the violation or non-compliance. If you have any questions after viewing the gas well status report and associated inspection summaries, please contact the Environmental Services staff at 972.874.6340.

Below are links to tables summarizing inspections performed at each pad site, since January 1, 2012.

Bob Smith A
Bob Smith B
Bob Smith C
Bunn Wells
Crow-Wright 3
Cummings-Hodge B
Cummings C-West
Furst C
Furst D
Furst I
Furst L
Sam Wilson 5H, 6H
Sam Wilson Production Facility