Adoptable Areas

Examples of Parks Adoptable for Litter Control  

  • Bluebonnet Park
  • Colony Park
  • Cortadera Park
  • Culwell Park
  • Dixon Park
  • Forest Park
  • Glenwick Park
  • Grand Park
  • Grove Park
  • Hidden Valley Park
  • Hide-a-way Park
  • Hound Mound Dog Park
  • Lakewood Park
  • Lawson Park
  • Lone Tree Park
  • Morriss Rd Park
  • Oak Park
  • Prairie Creek Park
  • Rustic Timbers Park
  • Shadow Ridge Park
  • Spring Meadow Park
  • Stanton Oak
  • Tiger Field (Baseball Field- LISD property)
  • Timber Creek Park
  • Westchester Park

Examples of Trails Adoptable for Pet Waste and Litter Control 

  • Evening Primrose Trail (at the intersection of College)
  • Indian Blanket Trail
  • Purple Cone Flower Trail (Behind Fish City)
  • Northshore Trail
  • Trail at the end of Shoreline Dr. ( this trail goes through both Murrell Park and Twin Coves Park)

Examples of Creek Areas Adoptable for Litter Control

  • Timber Creek North Branch (North of Eaton under Morriss)
  • Timber Creek North Branch ( Intersection of Rippy/Long Prairie)
  • Timber Creek South Branch ( Bridge under Garden Ridge Rd, just north of Creek View) 
  • Stone Creek
  • Prairie Creek (between Kirkpatrick and Timber Creek Rd- Not on Town property)

Examples of Roadways Adoptable for Litter Control (litter only along right-of-ways)

  • Chinn Chapel
  • Lake Forest Blvd. (Behind Home Depot)
  • Old Gerault Rd.
  • Peters Colony
  • Quail Run
  • Rippy Road
  • Simmons Road
  • Skillern Road
  • Scenic Road
  • Sunset
  • Shiloh
  • Waketon
  • Windsor

Examples of Medians Adoptable for Gardening Maintenance and Litter Control

  • Buckeye at Morriss Road
  • Chinn Chapel Roundabout
  • Homestead at Morriss Road
  • Kirkpatrick at FM 1171
  • Olympia at Morriss Road
  • West Windsor Roundabout

Examples of Monument Signs Adoptable for Beautification Only

  • Morriss Road at FM 407
  • FM 2499 and Enterprise Parkway

Examples of Miscellaneous Adoptable Areas Needed for Litter Control

  • Alley Behind Sherman Williams
  • Flower Mound High School Parking Lot

Examples of Corp Property Adoptable for Litter Control

  • Murrell Park
  • Knob Hill Park
  • Rocky Point Park
  • Twin Coves Park

The Town of Flower Mound determines acceptance or rejection of applications for all Adopt-A-Spot locations. The list above is not inclusive and other locations can be considered or added. Some spots may require more commitment than others, so choose your spot (and what you plant in your spot) knowing your available time.