Mission Statement

This program is intended to provide residents and/or groups with a means to help keep the Town of Flower Mound a wonderful place to live, work, and play for all.

About the Program

The Town of Flower Mound Adopt-A-Spot program encourages citizen participation in beautification projects and litter clean-ups of designated public areas at regular intervals. A spot could be a park, trail, road, creek, median, or Town entryway monument sign. Individuals, organizations, or businesses may agree to keep a designated spot cleared of litter and/or provide beautification for a period of one year. Special projects can be considered as part of the Adopt-A-Spot program that add permanent site features to parks and/or large scale beautifications.

The Town will create and install a sign bearing the name(s) of program participant(s) in their adopted area. In addition, program participants will be listed on the Town's website noting what spot has been adopted. At the end of the one year period, program participants will receive a special certificate of appreciation from the Town that is signed by the Mayor and may automatically renew to adopt their spot for another one year period. Special projects can be considered for long term signage and recognition by the Town.

Program Benefits

  • A cleaner community
  • A healthier and safer environment for residents and wildlife
  • A sense of community service and community pride
  • A better place to do business
  • Recognition by the Town of Flower Mound
  • Community service credits for youth groups and other organizations

You Can Participate By

  • Litter control
  • Tree plantings
  • Beautification/landscaping
  • Adding permanent site amenities such as gazebos, park benches, picnic tables, fountains, sculptures, etc.

Everyone Can Participate (Children Must Have Adult Supervision)

  • Individuals
  • Families
  • Youth groups
  • Neighborhood homeowner associations
  • Hiking and biking enthusiasts
  • Scouts
  • Schools and school clubs
  • Businesses
  • Non-profit groups
  • Churches
  • Organizations
  • Combinations of the above

Your Commitment

  • Adoption length is for a one-year period.
    • Adopt-A-Spot for litter control requires a minimum of six clean-ups.
    • Adopt-A-Spot for beautification and landscaping requires that the area be maintained properly.
  • Participants are required to report on their clean-up and/or beautification activities so that information may be used for various reports and analysis.