Clear Access to the Meter Reader and Low Cost

Keeping Costs Down Through Accurate Readings

With hundreds of water meters to read each day, the meter reading staff must be able to quickly access your water meter in order to collect meter readings, which will result in a correct charge to your Utility Billing account.

It is the policy of Meter Services to read each water meter every month. In accordance with this, to avoid any delays in obtaining a reading the meter reader requires clear access to the meter. If a meter reader can quickly collect a reading from the meter on the first visit to your property, it helps keep utility costs down, which benefits all customers in helping to keep rates stable. Here are some helpful tips for making sure that your water meter is accessible:

  • If your meter is located behind a gate that is normally kept locked, please contact our office to arrange access. We often obtain keys from customers who wish to secure their property and as long as the lock is accessible from the exterior of the gate, this presents little problem for the meter readers' access.
  • Please ensure your house address is clearly displayed on your residence. This can assist not only our meter readers, but also emergency personnel who may need to find your home in a hurry.
  • Please make sure that no objects are placed so that they cover or block access to the meter box. A few of the items found blocking water meters include cars, trailers, garbage cans and recycling bins, construction equipment or supplies, and landscape bark or gravel.
  • Trim bushes, trees, and grass that block the way to or cover the meter. It is amazing how quickly these plants can cover a water meter box during the growing season. In an effort to avoid any accidental damage to your prized plantings, please avoid planting landscape items in the area which meter readers must travel to get to your meter.