Vacation Watch

The Flower Mound Police Department offers free Vacation Watches as a service to Flower Mound residents. Vacation Watch Request Forms are available in the PD lobby or online. For your convenience, the lobby is equipped with a secure drop box for Vacation Watch Request Forms to be submitted when the police records desk is closed.

During a Vacation Watch, beat officers will attempt to drive by the location within a 24-hour period and may conduct a routine foot patrol around the residence. If another person will be staying at the dwelling in the absence of the resident(s), or the residence has an active alarm system, the level of police response will be adjusted accordingly. This service will be contingent upon things such as the level of other police activity, staffing levels, and other unforeseen circumstances at the time.

Qualifying for a Vacation Watch


To qualify for a Vacation Watch, the following criteria must be met: 

  • Owner agrees not to hold the Town of Flower Mound or their agents responsible for any acts of a criminal nature or acts of God that occur to their property while they are away.
  • The resident’s absence from the dwelling must not be more than thirty days.
  • A Vacation Watch shall only be permitted to be repeated on the same dwelling after a 30 day lapse between Vacation Watches.
  • The residence must be a single family dwelling.

For More Information

For more information, please visit the Flower Mound Police Department, 4150 Kirkpatrick Lane or call 972.539.0525.