Interlibrary Loan

Function and Purpose

An interlibrary loan (ILL) transaction is a request to borrow books or material from another library or institution.

Eligibility for Use

Adult Flower Mound Public Library cardholders in good standing may use this service. Juvenile cardholders are not eligible for this service. Cardholders may submit up to 3 requests at a time.

Charges & Fees

At the present time, Flower Mound Public Library does not charge a fee for this service. The library asks the borrower to pay any return postage for items that are mailed to the library. Some libraries charge a fee for lending and insuring valuable or special collections and the borrower is responsible for these charges as well.

Materials Available for Borrowing

Books and magazine articles are the primary items obtained through interlibrary loan. Requests may only be made for materials not owned by the Flower Mound Public Library. Materials that cannot be obtained through Flower Mound Public Library's interlibrary loan services include:

  • Additional copies of materials already owned by the library
  • Most genealogy materials (photocopies of material may be requested)
  • New or currently popular materials, less than six months old
  • Newspapers in original format (newspaper articles may be obtained from the library's databases)
  • Noncirculating and reference materials
  • Rare materials, such as original manuscripts, unique items, etc
  • Textbooks
  • ebooks and eaudiobooks

If you would like to obtain materials through an interlibrary loan, please complete the online form.

For More Information

Find out more about the procedure and application form for obtaining materials, how long it takes them to arrive, and how long you can keep them in our frequently asked questions section.