Personal Training

Personal training session


Let our personal trainers create a dynamic and exciting program for you. Our super charged evaluation and workout program includes an evaluation and a program designed to provide individualized and specific feedback. Each session is 60 minutes in length.


Sessions must be purchased in a single transaction for the 10 or more session discounted rate. Pricing for 10 or more sessions is per person and cannot be split between individuals.

Session Type1-9 Sessions (cost per person)10 or More Sessions (cost per person)
Individual$45 / $50 per session$40 /$44 per session
Group (2-3 people)$35 / $39 per session$30 / $33 per session


To schedule a Personal Training session, please complete and return a Personal Training Registration form. Instructors will then contact you directly to schedule your sessions. For more information, contact the CAC by calling 972.874.PARK(7275).


Ben Bailey

Ben Bailey

Ben Bailey earned his Personal Trainer Certification and Fitness Nutrition Specialist from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Ben has CEU's in MMA training, Cardio for Training, and Virtual Training. He has worked as a trainer for Texas Unique Fitness since December 2012 and is CPR certified. Fitness has always been a big part of Ben’s life. He played football in high school and college and tried out for the NFL. Through years of training himself and working with other trainers, he has learned many different disciplines such as traditional bodybuilding, Olympic lifting, plyometrics, and speed and agility training. He has a psychology degree which plays a big part in what he does for clients. He combined this knowledge with a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) certification to create a challenging training environment that educates, motivates, and empowers clients. Ben encourages clients to have fun with physical fitness while ensuring a training environment that is professional and safe. He works with people from all walks of life who have all types of health and fitness goals. He looks forward to helping people achieve a higher level of fitness and improve their quality of life but his main goal is to support his clients and help them achieve their health and fitness goals.


Peggy Cartusciello

Peggy is a lifelong Fitness Professional with decades of experience. She holds national certifications in Personal Training and Fitness Nutrition. Early in her career she used her skills to place in numerous Physique competitions at local and national levels. She loves putting her knowledge and experience to work by helping people reach their fitness and wellness goals. Together she can help you reach your goals! Peggy is a Flower Mound resident for more than 20 years and loves working with her community.

Interested in being a CAC Personal Trainer? Contact the Programs Coordinator for more information by calling 972.874.6281.