Automatic Drafts

Benefits of Automatic Draft

Tired of trying to remember to drop off your water payment, or spending your time, gasoline, and postage to pay your water bill? The Town of Flower Mound offers automatic bank drafts for water payments at no additional charge and residents will never receive a penalty for a late payment.

Customers choosing to participate in the automatic draft service will continue to receive a monthly statement identical to the current bill, except “PD/DRAFT” will appear on each portion of the bill along with a message “DO NOT PAY** ACCOUNT WILL BE DRAFTED ON (due date)” indicating the date the transaction will take place.


The draft transfer is sent to the bank one working day prior to the due date and will be drafted from the customer’s bank account on the date the water bill is due, or the next working day, if the bank is not open for business on that day. If the amount being drafted should be questioned, the customer should contact the Customer Service/Utility Billing Division to check the reading for error prior to the draft being processed.

Customers wishing to begin this service should drop off or mail a voided personal/business check or account verification form from your bank to the Customer Service/Utility Billing Division and complete the attached Authorization Agreement for Pre Authorized Payments form. The Customer Service/Utility Billing office is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. in Town Hall at 2121 Cross Timbers Rd.

You can learn more about E-billing and set up E-billing on your account on the E-Billing section of our website.