Illegal Dumping

Illegal DumpingThe illegal dumping of refuse in unapproved locations threatens the environment and water supply, and poses threats to the community’s health, safety, welfare, and property values. Illegal dumping can come in the form of many types of waste including yard waste like grass clippings or leaves, garbage, hazardous materials and liquids.

Illegal dumping or illicit discharges can lead to harmful runoff that can directly impact our storm sewer system. Stormwater that enters the storm drain is not treated. If stormwater enters the storm sewer system carrying contaminants, those toxins will impact our local water bodies like our creeks and streams. Water pollution affects the local plant and animal population that depend on clean water to survive. Those water sources also become our drinking water. It is important to use best management practices for proper disposal of waste no matter what form it is in.

If you witness illegal dumping you can call the Environmental Services Department Illegal Dumping Hotline at 972-874-JUNK (5865) to report it.