Development Assistance


The Flower Mound Economic Development Division has a wealth of information to help your business venture within the Town. Our goal is to help you succeed. Whether you need assistance navigating through the Town’s Master Plan, help understanding the Code of Ordinances, or have questions about the development process, our team of highly skilled professionals is here for you.

The links below provide access to some of the Town’s basic development documents. Should you need further assistance, please call 972.874.6044.

Master Plan

The Master Plan is the long-term plan for the Town as it relates to development. It consists of a Land Use Plan, Area Plans, Specific Plan Areas, Urban Design Plan, Parks and Trails Plan, Open Space Plan, Thoroughfare Plan, Water Plan, Wastewater Plan, and the Economic Impact Analysis Plan.

Land Development Code

The Land Development Code (Subpart B - LAND DEVELOPMENT REGULATIONS) will assist you with definitions and rules of construction, zoning district regulations, subdivision standards, development standards, administrative procedures, obsolete zoning regulations, and illustrations.

Active Case Log

The Active Case Log is a list of all current projects that have been submitted to the Town for approval. It also available in interactive map form. To view the log and map, visit the Planning Department page.

Building Permit Reports

The Building Permit Reports include a list of Certificates of Occupancies, residential and non-residential permits issued, and a permit breakdown of type of permit issued per year. To view the building permit reports, visit the Building & Inspection Department page.

Zoning Map

The Zoning Map shows a town-wide zoning plan for the Town of Flower Mound.

Application Process

Planning Services has specific submission requirements for all development applications. Each application has an associated checklist which details those requirements and which needs to be included with the submission. Any fees required with the application submittal are listed on that checklist for easy reference. There are also specific submission requirements for the Development Review Committee (DRC) pre-application meetings, which occur every Tuesday. Applicants are required to complete the Pre-Application Conference Request Form and submit it to Planning staff via e-mail or in person by the Thursday afternoon prior to the DRC meeting. Applications and checklists are available on the Planning Department page.


For definitions related to zoning, please see the Municipal Code of Ordinances Chapter 98, Sec. 98-2.