Resident Survey Results

In the recent 2019 Resident Survey, residents ranked Flower Mound very favorably in numerous areas including Town services, Town safety, overall quality of life, and as a place to live and raise a family. The Town conducted the 2019 Resident Survey in August of 2019, with the assistance of the National Research Center.

How Flower Mound Compares to Other Communities
When compared with ratings provided by residents of other similar communities, Flower Mound residents gave higher or much higher ratings to overall quality of life, their community as a place to live and raise children, overall feeling of safety, overall appearance, and overall economic health. Flower Mound residents rated twenty-two out of thirty-two Town services higher or much higher than residents of other similar communities. Residents also gave high praise to community parks, recreation programs and centers, and health services provided by the Town.

High Safety Ratings
The residents of Flower Mound, for the third consecutive survey, have cited the overall feeling of safety in Flower Mound as the number one focus area for the next two years. The residents not only cited safety as the number one focus, but also rated all of the Town’s safety services as higher or much higher than residents in other similar communities. Fire and Ambulance/EMS once again maintained their approval ratings at 99% and 98%, respectively. The Police department also maintained their 94% approval rating.

Local Economy on the Rise
Flower Mound residents praise for the Town’s overall economic health, quality of business, service establishments, shopping opportunities, and economic development services surpassed national benchmarks. "The Town is making great strides in strengthening its overall economic health and residents are appreciating the increased shopping and dining opportunities,” said Flower Mound Town Manager Jimmy Stathatos. “It’s so important to keep tax dollars local, investing in the community so we are able to provide new features and enhanced services all residents can enjoy.”

About the Survey Method
Mailed to 1,700 randomly selected Flower Mound Households in August, the survey received a response rate of 28%, resulting in the receipt of 470 completed surveys. All data was mathematically weighted by gender, age, and housing tenure, and scientifically analyzed to produce statistically-significant results representing the entire community. Additionally, the Town posted the survey online, for increased accessibility and responses. The Town also received 875 completed Supplemental Online Survey’s.

During the next few years, residents identified priority areas for the Town to focus on including: the overall feeling of safety, town economic health, ease of travel, and quality of natural environment. All feedback may be used to monitor trends in residents’ opinions, measure government performance, benchmark service ratings, and make budgetary decisions.

2019 Survey Results

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