Urban Forestry


Trees and forests serve many functions in our urban environment. Trees not only provide beauty when used around our homes, offices, and in our parks, but they also serve practical functions. For example, trees help to clean the air that we breathe. They also provide energy savings by cooling the air around our homes and businesses in the summer and by serving as wind buffers in the winter. Forests, both in upland settings and located along streams, serve to mitigate runoff from storm events, reduce erosion by stabilizing soil, and provide habitat for wildlife.


The Town of Flower Mound’s Urban Forestry Program has multiple goals:
  • Establish rules and regulations governing the protection and preservation of native or established trees within the town. Encourage the protection of healthy trees and large native trees which are irreplaceable resources in our community, and to provide for the replacement of trees removed during construction.
  • Educate both the residents of Flower Mound and the development community about the important role that trees serve in our environment.

Post Winter Storm Tree Care

This year’s unprecedented Winter Storm left our local trees looking a little worse for the wear.  While many trees have already regrown their leaves, some may still be a bit bare.  Area experts suggest a wait-and-see approach, until mid-summer.  Wait and watch for leafing until at least July 4th before assuming a tree has died. Do not unnecessarily prune or fertilize a struggling tree as this can cause the tree more stress.

Even healthy trees can use a little care.  Mulch trees in a donut shape around the base, leave the area where the tree meets the soil uncovered. Newly planted trees need water every week for the first year – Established trees need water once a week if experiencing drought conditions. If adding trees to the landscape, October through the winter months are the best time to plant in Texas.


  • Watch and wait for tree recovery
  • Mulch trees 2-3inches, no volcanos
  • Provide supplemental water to trees once or twice a week if we reach drought conditions this summer
  • Wait until October to replant with new trees. Tree planting seasons in Texas are the fall and early winter.

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