Sewer FAQ

Sewer FAQ

Utility Line Maintenance

The mission of the Utility Line Maintenance team is to provide safe distribution of drinking water and ensure reliable collection of wastewater for residents by utilizing resources dedicated to preventative maintenance and repair of the utility infrastructure.

  • Areas of responsibility involving water distribution include:

    • Inspection and replacement of meters
    • Maintenance of water mains and service lines
    • Maintenance of valves and fire hydrants
    • Responding to pressure complaints
  • Areas of responsibility involving wastewater collection include:

    • Repairs to sewer mains and service lines
    • Pressure cleaning and flushing of main lines and services
    • Investigating causes of service line blockages
    • Rehabilitation of sanitary sewer manholes
    • Video inspection and smoke testing of mains and services to locate failures
    • Investigation of sewer odor complaints
    • Informative links to reports and other helpful information

    Repair responsibilities for a typical water and sewer service