Evan Balthrop

Corporal Evan C. Balthrop was born in Denver, CO, but moved to Flower Mound with his mom, dad, and three brothers in 2008 when he was a young boy. Growing up, Evan loved all sports, but exceled in club baseball. He is a natural leader and has a heart to serve others. Evan attended Flower Mound schools but graduated from a private high school in Florida. Evan married his high school sweetheart shortly after and later joined the Marine Corps in December 2018. One of his proudest moments was when he and his comrades tackled and conquered the Crucible in boot camp.

Evan continued his military training at Camp Lejeune, NC, where he trained for his MOS and graduated second in his class of 47. Since then, he has been stationed in Camp Pendleton, CA. During his service in the military, Evan has received numerous commendations for his exemplary service to the Corps. To him it is just doing his duty, but to the Corps, it is seen as representing the top echelon of Marines.  

Evan recently completed an overseas tour of duty in Saudi Arabia and has reenlisted. He will soon be relocating to Camp Lejeune, NC, with his wife, Malia, and daughter, Delilah, to continue his military service.

Corporal Evan Balthrop