Educator Resources

Welcome Educators!

On this page, you will find fire safety resources to help guide your lessons and discussions with your students. 

If you would like to request a speaker for your class, please contact Fire Prevention Officer Stephanie Billarreal at 972-874-6268 or by email at

Lesson Plans and Activities 

Do you need help with a lesson plan, or activity sheets for your students? The websites listed below have many different options for Educators for grades Pre-K - 12. 

NFPA Public Education Information

Fire Safety for Texans - School Curriculums

Sparky's School House 

Safe Kids Worldwide - Fire Safety Resources

Sesame Street Fire Safety Program for Pre-School Children

School and Classroom Fire Safety Self-Inspection Form

Is your classroom or school campus fire safe? 

Click here to complete our Self-Inspection form to check in on the safety of your classroom.