All development applications are reviewed by Town staff through the Development Review Committee (DRC) process to ensure adherence to the Town’s Master Plan, Land Development Regulations, Zoning ordinances, and SMARTGrowth Program. The DRC is comprised of representatives from pertinent divisions within the Town, including Planning, Engineering, Building Inspections, Environmental Services, Parks and Recreation, and Fire and Emergency Services.

The following links may be used to access the primary regulations by which development applications are reviewed. Anyone interested in submitting an application is encouraged to first contact Planning Services at 972.874.6350, or by email, for assistance through the process.

Master Plan

(Land Use, Area Plans, Urban Design Plan)

Land Development Regulations

(Subpart B, Chapters 74-98)
     Zoning District Regulations (Chapter 98, Article III)
     SMARTgrowth Program (Chapter 98, Article II)  

To determine the current land use and/or zoning on a specific property, please refer to the maps on the GIS Department page.