Historical Commission


Shall meet on the second Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m.

Agendas are posted online, and on the Town Hall notice board, at least 72 hour prior to the meeting. Minutes will also be posted online.

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  1. Members shall be designated as place numbers one through ten.
  2. The terms of office for all members shall be for two years
  3.  The Commission shall consist of ten (10) members:
    • 7 regular members must be Flower Mound residents for at least 5 years and be a qualified voter of the Town at the time of their appointment
    • Town Council may waive the residency requirement for 2 members should they have an extensive background and knowledge of the Town or its historic heritage; however, they must reside in Denton or Tarrant County
    • 1 representative from the Denton County Office of History and Culture shall serve as an ex-officio non-voting member. 
  4. Other qualifications for membership include a sincere interest in history, general knowledge of the Town and its history, the ability to work with the public, Town staff, Town boards, and have the time to devote to this service, including active involvement in projects or sub-committees.
  5. Members shall serve at the pleasure of the Town Council and may be removed before their terms of office expire.
  6. Members shall serve without compensation.

Jacquelyn Narrell, Place 1Jacque Narrell

Place 2, Dawn Shapley (photo to come)

Adam Shear, Place 3
Adam Shear

Marsha Gavitt, Place 4
Marsha Gavitt

Cynthia Clark, Place 5
Cindy Clark

Kathy Blair, Place 6 (Photo to come)

Terra Klarich, Place 7Terra Klarich

Cecilia Hood, Place 8 (Photo to come)

Vacant, Place 9

Peggy Riddle, Place 10, ex-officio non-voting member


The purpose of the Historical Commission is to identify, collect, and preserve information and artifacts relevant to the Town's history with emphasis on the authenticity of all historical information and items received.

Duties and Responsibilities

1. Collection of historical items and information.

  1.  The Commission shall act as a clearinghouse for items and information of important historical significance to the Town.  
  2. The Commission shall develop a policy for the acceptance, deaccession, loan, and maintenance of items and information of historical significance, including criteria and procedures, as adopted by Town Council. 
  3. The Commission shall acquire items and information that have a historical significance to the Town using established acceptance criteria and predetermined procedures as outlined in the policy document. Once accepted, these same items would be considered Town property. 
  4.  Written property owner consent is required to enter private property to review or secure items of historical significance

2. Historical projects.

  1. Develop procedures and guidelines for conducting oral history interviews, including coordination with staff.
  2. Coordinate with staff to create a web presence for significant historical locations in Flower Mound.
  3. Advise staff regarding any issues or updates to the recorded history of Flower Mound in the book Sweet Flower Mound Land.
  4. Submit articles of historical significance to staff for possible use in various Town publications.
  5. Identify historical landmarks located in Flower Mound and provide recommendations for their care and maintenance to the proper authority. 
  6. Coordinate with Town departments for various special projects that align with the Commission’s purpose.
  7. Suggest sources of funds for preservation initiatives, including but not limited to state and federal grant opportunities.

3. Public engagement. 

  1. Increase public awareness of the importance of preserving the Town’s history by developing and participating in public education programs. 
  2. Serve as a resource for the Gibson Grant Log House by assisting in programs, tours, exhibits, or events, and train or serve as docents. 
  3. Coordinate with Town departments for opportunities to showcase the Town’s history at current or future events. 
  4. Listen to citizen input relative to preserving the Town’s history.

4. Advisory resources.

  1. Make recommendations to the Town Council, the Cultural Arts Commission, and Town staff on the use of historic icons throughout the community. 
  2. Establish working relationships with individuals or organizations interested in preserving the Town’s history, including but not limited to The Flower Mound Foundation.
  3. The Commission may use the services of volunteers through the Town’s volunteer application process to help carry out the duties and responsibilities of the Commission.
  4. Collaborate with the Parks Board for the naming and renaming of parks, trails, greenbelts, and facilities specific to historical figures. 
  5. Utilize the OHC as a resource and as outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding between the Town and Denton County.

5. Reporting. 

  1. Staff liaisons will seek input from the Commission for work topics and priorities for council discussion and consideration during their annual strategic planning session.
  2. The Commission will provide a report to Town Council on current or future projects during the annual board and commission reporting process.

6. Other. 

  1. The Commission may perform such other duties as prescribed by the Town Council by ordinance or resolution.
  2. As the Commission serves in an advisory capacity only, the Commission and its individual members may not legally or financially bind the Town in any respect. 

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