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Code Enforcement 

The Code Enforcement Division actively implements the Town’s Code of Ordinances and responds to concerns and complaints regarding a variety of potential code violations, including high grass and weeds, trash and debris, junk vehicles, right-of-way obstructions, stagnant pools, illegal dumping, illegal signs, and a variety of other property maintenance standards. 

  • Report a Code Violation 
    • Visit www.flower-mound.com/codeviolation and fill out the form. You may submit a report anonymously. Your name and contact information are only required if you would like to receive a case report
  • Look Up a Code Violation 
  • FAQs
    • Have questions about garage sales, property lines, noise control, or common fences? Get answers to these and much more at www.flower-mound.com/codeFAQ

Building Inspections

Building Inspections ensures the safety and welfare of the general public by enforcing building, electrical, plumbing, and mechanical code regulations within the Town. 

  • Permits 
    • Depending on the type of work you're completing at home, you may be required to obtain a permit. Check out www.flower-mound.com/residentialpermits to see if you need a permit for your fence, swimming pool, deck, accessory building, and more. If all the required information is included at the time of your submittal, in most cases, it will take no longer than 5-7 working days to obtain your permit from the Town. Is your contractor pulling the permit for you? Follow the status of your permit at http://etrakit.flower-mound.com


Sidewalks in Flower Mound are the responsibility of the property owner. The Town maintains sidewalks adjacent to arterial or collector streets and those adjacent to public property, all park trails, and handicap ramps on public streets. The Town does not maintain sidewalks adjacent to private property. The Town does offer a program to assist residents in repairing sidewalks. For more information, please contact the Public Works Department at 972.874.6400 or via email at publicworks@flowermound.com.


The Town adopted the Perimeter Fence Replacement Program to provide a mechanism to assist residents with replacing wood fencing adjacent to larger arterial or collector roads. Town staff will work directly with a Town-approved fence contractor(s) to determine costs to replace the fence. Residents have the option of paying the Town back the total costs of the fence replacement in one payment or via an 18-month period at no interest. Learn more at www.flower-mound.com/fencereplacement

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