2022 Cross Timbers Conservation Development Review

On January 18, 2022, Town Council gave staff direction to begin reviewing standards and provide recommendations for the Cross Timbers Conservation Development District (CTCDD). Following a ten-month process, which included open houses, surveys, nine meetings with several boards and commissions, and Town Council, amendments to the Town's Master Plan and Land Development Regulations were approved on November 7, 2022.

Approved Master Plan Amendment

Ordinance 53-22

Approved Land Development Regulation Amendment

Ordinance 54-22

Bronze Leaf Award

- 2023 -

Bronze Leaf Award - 2023

Flower Mound was recognized as a Bronze Leaf Award recipient by the Cross Timbers Urban Forestry Council for the Town's commitment to protecting the Cross Timbers and the 2022 CTCDD Area Plan update.

What is the Cross Timbers Conservation Development District?

The Cross Timbers Conservation Development District (CTCDD) was established by the 2001 Master Plan. The purpose of the CTCDD is to preserve the integrity of the largely intact Cross Timbers ecological area in central Flower Mound, which provides the Town with its unique country atmosphere and natural environment while allowing environmentally sensitive development to occur.

In 2013, the Town's Master Plan was amended (Ord. No. 64-13) following public input to include a new form of conservation development; cluster development. Cluster development intended to maximize open space conservation, which included preserving scenic corridors and vistas, on a site-by-site basis to realize a community benefit that provided the Town with its unique country atmosphere and natural environment. 

During the 2022 review, careful attention was given to conservation development details intended to advance the preservation of the CTCDD's ecological areas and rural atmosphere. Based on the feedback, the Cluster development option was removed from the Master Plan and the Conservation development option was expanded to create greater flexibility. Overall, the amendments included, but were not limited to:

  • Maximum density of 1 dwelling per 2 acres;
  • Minimum 0.75-acre residential lot sizes with;
  • Required lot size variation (25% of proposed must be 1 acre);
  • Minimum 45% open space requirement with park options;
  • Open space connectivity requirements;
  • Unique public outdoor lighting standards;
  • 200-foot scenic corridor buffers along Cross Timbers Road;
  • Subdivision entry feature expectations; and
  • Updated arterial and collector landscape treatments.
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Survey Results

The CTCDD 2022 Review survey was open between February 4 and March 11, 2022, and received 996 responses. Below is a copy of the survey and a summary of the responses received.

Open Houses

The Town hosted two open houses at Town Hall for those interested in learning more about the CTCDD and to provide feedback.

Open House 1: Thursday, March 3

1 to 5 PM

Open House 2: Thursday, March 10

5 to 8 PM

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Outreach Methods

Residents were encouraged to remain updated on the process by doing any of the following:

2022 Timeline of Events





Received feedback from Town CouncilBegan community outreachSummarized results and prepared presentationTown Council Strategic Planning Session
Finalized survey, mailings, posts, and outreach planHosted 1st and 2nd open houses
Work sessions with Boards and Commissions
Work session with Planning and Zoning

Closed survey and reviewed results
Town Council Work Session
Scheduled public hearings

P&Z Work Session
Drafted Master Plan and Land Development Regulations amendment for consideration


City Council Public Hearing

November 7, 2022

Planning and Zoning Commission Public Hearing

October 10, 2022

  • Recommended for approval. Final consideration and action required by Town Council.
  • Video Link
  • Agenda: Click Here

Planning and Zoning Commission Work Session

August 29, 2022

Town Council Strategic Planning Session

June 16, 2022

Town Council Work Session

April 21, 2022

Parks Board Work Session

April 7, 2022

Environmental Conservation Commission Work Session

April 5, 2022

Planning and Zoning Commission Work Session

March 28, 2022

Town Council Work Session

January 18, 2022

Town Council Work Session

November 18, 2021

Strategic Planning Session

July 15, 2021