Work Sessions

Zoning requests that meet any two of the following criteria will be identified as potentially needing a work session with the Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z).

  • Project is over 20 acres in size
  • The request includes a Master Plan Amendment (MPA)
  • The request proposes development under the Mixed Use (MU) zoning district
  • The request requires three or more exceptions, modifications, or waivers
  • The request Is located along an entrance to the Town


Work sessions provide an opportunity for both staff and the applicant to make brief presentations to P&Z. The meeting is for informational purposes only, where staff can identify any unresolved questions or issues that P&Z might want to provide direction on, and where the applicant can present the evolution of the project to best illustrate how they have considered and adapted the design to meet ordinance requirements and the Town's best interests.


Work sessions are open to the public, but are not a public hearing; therefore, there is an opportunity for public input, but P&Z cannot take action on an item until a public hearing is scheduled for a later date.


During the quarterly development projects update presented during the Director’s Report, any current projects meeting two of the above criteria that would benefit from a work session will be identified. At that time, P&Z will have the option to accept the list of projects as presented, or vote to include or eliminate additional projects from the list.

Work sessions will be posted on the Town's Development Map ( the Friday prior to the scheduled P&Z meeting. The Commission also recommends that applicants send property owner notifications regarding work sessions to adjacent property owners within 200 feet of the subject site.  Those interested in the project may watch a live stream of the meeting on the Town website, or by attending in person. Please take into consideration that work session items are generally last on the P&Z agenda.