Flower Mound Ranch (AKA Furst Ranch)


The Town of Flower Mound approved the following applications for the Flower Mound Ranch, also known as Furst Ranch. Below is information about the applications.

Mixed Use (MU) - Approved

The mixed use portion of Flower Mound Ranch contains approximately 1,066 acres of land and is located at the intersection of U.S. 377 and Cross Timbers Road (FM 1171), expanding outward from all four corners. The development will utilize five zones within the MU district: Core (MU-C), Neighborhood (MU-N), Environmental Transition (MU-T:EN), Neighborhood Transition (MU-T:NG) and Major Roadway Transition (MU-T:MR). The expectation is that the project will occur in four phases, with an expected buildout sometime between 2045 and 2065. The initial phase of Flower Mound Ranch was reviewed against the Town’s SMARTGrowth requirements, including water and wastewater capacity, transportation, and parks. All capacity requirements are currently met. Before the next phase of development can start, all necessary studies for phase two will have to be conducted and cleared by staff.

The Flower Mound Ranch concept plan includes:

  • capping the number of single-family homes at 3,000, the number of multi-family units at 5,000, and the number of age-restricted dwellings at 1,000
  • a diverse mix of uses, including varying densities of residential uses, open spaces, corporate campuses, civic, retail, hospitality, institutional, entertainment, and office uses
  • capacity for more than six million square feet of non-residential uses on the site, primarily for office and retail
  • site-specific landscaping, architectural standards, and project design

View the signed ordinance here.


Application Documents (MU21-0002)

Zoning Change (Z) - Approved

Description: A portion of Flower Mound Ranch encompassing 545 acres generally located northeast of the US HWY 377 and Cross Timbers Rd (FM 1171) intersection. This area is zoned and planned for estate residential and/or conservation-sensitive development.

View the signed ordinance here.


  • March 7, 2022- Town Council Meeting 
  • February 28, 2022  - Planning and Zoning Commission Meeting 

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