All Together Flower Mound Commission


The Commission shall meet at least quarterly at a Town facility that can accommodate the public. There will be a public comment opportunity at each meeting. The next All Together Flower Mound Commission Meeting will be on Wednesday, March 29th in Jody Smith Hall at Town Hall Building.


Commission meeting agendas shall be posted online at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled meeting which shall include the date, time, and location of the meeting. 

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The purpose of the Commission is to have representatives from the community serve in an advisory role on matters pertaining to characteristic of a welcoming community such as cultural appreciation, newcomer services, social engagement opportunities, and positive relationships with town staff and elected officials.


Place 1 - Tom Bailey
Thomas BaileyPlace 2 - Douglas Graves (Vice Chair)
Doug Graves
Place 3 - Mary Kay Walker
Mary Kay Walker
Place 4 - Amanda Franklin
Amanda Franklin
Place 5 - Ashish Puri
Ashish Puri
Place 6 - Laurie Appelbaum
Laurie Appelbaum
Place 7 - Jacquelyn Stanfield
Jackie Stanfield

Powers and Duties

  • Serve as an ambassador to help promote new and existing programs and services within the town.
  • Serve as an information resource on the Town’s All Together Flower Mound webpage.
  • Serve in an advisory role in generating ideas and solutions with the goal of:
    • identifying opportunities that increase resident engagement and Town participation with a focus on community unity.
  • Collaborate with local groups to help leverage knowledge, expertise, and resources.
  • The Commission shall remain non-partisan and non-political in all decisions and activities.
  • The Commission may have other responsibilities as authorized or assigned by the Town Council.

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Contact Us

Send an email to to provide comments to commission members about current or future agenda related items. Please note your correspondence is considered public information, however, your email, or other information deemed confidential by law, would not be disclosed. 

For additional information or questions, contact  JP Walton, Strategic Services Manager, 972.874.6081.