Turning Off Your Water Meter/Water Leaks

What to Do if You Have a Water Leak

If you have a water line break and your house and/or yard is flooding and you require assistance turning off the meter, don't hesitate to contact Utility Billing at 972.874.6010 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. on weekdays.

If you require assistance after hours, please call the Flower Mound Police Department's non-emergency number at 972.539.0525. The dispatcher will send out the after-hours Public Works crews to turn off your water meter.

How to Turn a Water Meter Off

Angle stopIn the meter box located on your property is an angle stop. The angle stop has an ear on both the left and right sides. The middle of the angle stop is marked with an arrow, which indicates the direction the water is flowing. To turn off the water at the angle stop, use straight-jaw pliers or a curb stop key (which can be purchased at your local hardware store) to turn the angle stop clockwise about 180 degrees, or until both ears are together. To turn the water back on, turn the angle stop counterclockwise about 180 degrees, or until the arrow on the angle stop is facing the meter.

The Town supplied service line to the water meter is equipped with a cutoff and/or angle stop, but your house is equipped with its own cutoff valve, too. These valves are normally located up near the outside spigot and sewer cleanouts in the front of your home and are commonly covered by landscaping. If there is a leak inside your home and you're unable to locate the water meter and you don't want to wait on the Town's service tech, this may be your best option for turning off the water.

The Town is only responsible for the maintenance of all equipment from the rear meter coupling nut (seen in the blue circle on the picture below) back down to the main. The homeowner is responsible for the service line from the meter tail (shown in the picture below by a blue arrow) where the private side of the service line is connected to the meter.

Water meter diagram