Cultural Arts Center


  • 2018: Cultural Arts Master Plan completed, with recommendation to “explore development of a cultural arts center or venue that will serve as a central hub for arts, cultural and creative programming."
  • October 2019: Webb Management Services hired to conduct a multi-faceted study to assess the potential usage, configuration scenarios, and associated costs of such venue.

Cultural Arts Center Feasibility Study 

Webb Management Services completed Phase I of their efforts, which determined need and demand for such a facility. Webb’s recommendations are outlined in the PowerPoint below. Additionally, this topic was discussed at the June 19, 2020 Town Council Strategic Planning Session, where Council indicated their interest to pursue a second phase of the study, a business plan, which will dive further into the details of a potential center. 

PowerPoint Presentation (PowerPoint slides outlining the research done by Webb Management and final recommendations)

Cultural Arts Center Business Plan

Webb Management Services' Phase I work concluded that new cultural facilities did make sense for Flower Mound. After presenting the feasibility study to Town Council, Webb Management Services was hired for the second phase of the work - a business plan for recommended facilities that would suggest how they might be programmed, operated, and financially sustained. 

At the August 2, 2021 Town Council meeting, Webb Management Services presented the business plan. The below report is the combination of both phases of Webb Management Services' work, starting with a summary of the needs assessment identifying market opportunities for arts facilities in Flower Mound. The report then moves on to the business plan, starting with the definition of operating goals and programming strategy and then working through recommendations on governances, operations, and then financial planning.

Cultural Arts Business Plan
PowerPoint Presentation on the Plan (Presented at Aug. 2, 2021 Town Council Meeting)