Commercial Code Resources

In 2020, the Town Council provided direction to staff to temporarily pause the enforcement of signage regulations in order to help businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. This temporary suspension of certain sign regulations will end on Saturday, May 1, 2021. At this time, all Flower Mound properties will need to return to full compliance with the Town's Codes. 

Commercial Sign Information 

Please review the signs on your property for compliance with Town Sign Codes. Many of the signs temporarily allowed over the last year will have to be removed entirely (bandit signs or banners, etc.). Any new permanent signs, like window signs, will also need to comply with Town Codes and require permits obtained from Building Inspections online through eTRAKiT. For additional questions, please contact Building Inspections at 972.874.6355.

General Sign Requirements: 

  • Signs may not be located in the public right-of-way (street side of sidewalk)
  • Prohibited signs on private property include: portable, A-frame, bandit, banners, feather flags, human signs, blinking/flashing/moving signs, or signs on trees or fences 
  • One neon “OPEN” sign may be placed on a property that does not exceed 5-square-feet in area and consists of not more than two colors (no blinking or movement). A permit is required.
  • Window signs are any signs painted, attached, etched, or formed into a window or door and are limited to 20 percent of the window area, per elevation. A permit is required.
  • Interior signs are any signs not attached to or hanging in the window and must be located 10 feet back from the window if they can be read from the outside.
  • "Now Hiring" signs are currently allowed as portable signs on private property

Please note, exceptions for certain signs, like grand opening signs or certain zoning, apply. 

Tips on Measuring Window Signs

Building Inspections will need a photo or drawing of the signs on the window(s) showing two measurements: 

  1. Length and width of the outline of the windows/door
  2. Length and width of the individual window signs

Building Inspections divides the combined area of the new and any existing window signs by the total area of the window/door to determine if all window signs are within the 20 percent allowance.

Landscaping Maintenance

Property Standards will identify properties with dead or damaged landscaping later in 2021 and work with property owners on scheduling any needed replacements.

Please review your landscaped areas for compliance with Town Landscaping Codes. Required landscape areas (turf, seasonal color, ground cover, bushes, trees) are to be regularly maintained to include pruning, trimming, watering, etc. Any required plant material that dies shall be replaced. All landscaping must match the approved landscape plan and/or site plan for your property. 

If you need to replace any dead required trees or bushes from recent weather events, please view the following tips and steps: 

  • Remove any fallen limbs, litter, or other trash from your grounds
  • Implement a mowing schedule that will maintain any turf grass or weedy areas on your property under 12-inches at all times
  • Check your irrigation system (Are there any breaks? Does the watering schedule match seasonal watering needs?)
  • Trim bushes so none encroach into a sidewalk or road
  • Trim tree limbs so that there is an 8-foot clearance over the sidewalk and 14-foot clearance over the road or fire lanes. Check for any broken limbs and prune, as needed.
  • Check for dead/damaged/missing required trees, bushes, and groundcover
  • Trees that have not leafed-out by now are likely dead and will need to be removed before they become a safety hazard. New trees can safely be replanted starting in October (May plantings are possible but will require extra water and attention).

If you find you have dead or damaged landscaping, all replacement plant material must match the plant species, size requirements, and location found on your approved landscape plan. Please email Planning Services to request a copy of your approved plan. If you wish to change your approved landscaping plan, Planning Services can also assist with this request. Additional regulations and requirements apply to the use of aggregate materials, like gravel and decomposed granite.