Furst Ranch

Furst Ranch Proposed Master Plan Map

The development of Furst Ranch has been contemplated for nearly three decades. It started in 1992 when Jack and Debra Furst bought 55 acres and began adding the adjoining properties as they became available. Today, the property is just over 2,000 acres. 

The Furst Ranch design philosophy is the following: Through an innovative balance of preserving the natural beauty of the land while creating a thriving community, Furst Ranch authentically connects people to nature through a series of open space experiences centered around the heart of a vibrant mixed-use district. By embodying the five core principles, Furst Ranch will be an innovative and vibrant mixed-use community that authentically works with nature.

The goal is to generate a unique living environment while establishing a hub and economic engine of western Flower Mound and southern Denton County for generations to come. This world-class development will create an un-paralleled sense of place for the public and residents and will serve as a destination for the North Texas region. The resulting benefit will be the long-term growth in population, jobs, and tax base for the Town of Flower Mound, Argyle ISD, and Denton County. 

As the western gateway into Flower Mound, Furst Ranch will be comprised of distinct character districts that are purposefully designed to connect people, businesses, residents, and nature. Over 30 percent of the land will be open space and will include an expansive central park that traverses north to south and around Burger Lake. Through an interwoven trail system that connects the natural and built environments, approximately 23 miles of trails can be enjoyed by the public and residents for a variety of outdoor experiences. 

* The preceding project description has been provided to the Town of Flower Mound by McAdams. The proposed applications relating to this project for Master Plan and zoning amendments all require public hearings before the Planning and Zoning Commission and the Town Council. Please visit the Furst Ranch web page regularly for updated meeting information, or sign up through Notify Me for Development Projects Agenda Notifications for Zone 1.

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