2020 Master Plan Review and Impact Fee Update

This project will update the Town’s water and wastewater models to account for changes in existing and projected demands, land uses and capital improvements projects since the last update was performed in 2015. It will also include recommendations for updates to the Town’s five-year Water and Wastewater Capital Improvements Program. A technical memorandum will be prepared to provide an amendment to the 2009 Water Master and Wastewater Master Plan documents. These efforts will also serve as the beginning of the Town’s water, wastewater and roadway impact fee update process.

As part of the process, the Town is also working to update the Town’s Impact Fee program. Impact fees allow the Flower Mound to recoup costs associated with infrastructure needed to serve new development.  The Town is required by Chapter 395 of the Texas Local Government Code to update impact fees every five years and the last impact fee update was done in 2015.