Summer Cultural Art Challenge

Ready to take on a creative challenge this summer? Want to learn how to make a catapult to launch paint, or your own musical instrument out of household items?  

Below are the projects that are included in the Cultural Art Challenge. The link to the instructional videos will be available here to anyone who wants to participate on Friday, July 17.
You are welcome to buy your own supplies for the challenges, or pick up one of our pre-made kits at the Community Activity Center on July 17. The kits will contain all of the materials needed to complete each project as well as some extra goodies. They are $40 for members and $44 for non members. Register to receive a Cultural Art Challenge Kit here. YOU MUST REGISTER BY SUNDAY, JULY 12 TO RECEIVE A KIT.  

When you complete each challenge, email photos of your project to The photos will be uploaded to our Flower Mound Arts Facebook page as well as this webpage. Some images might be chosen for future marketing materials for the Town, so be sure and share your masterpieces. 


The ages for these projects range from 5 – 14. Younger children, however, will need adult supervision and help, especially with the paint catapult. The projects in the challenge include:

Building a paint catapult – Using the materials provided, you will learn how to build a catapult. You will then launch balls of paint onto paper using the catapult and create your own unique piece of catapult art! Materials for this project include PVC pipe, duct tape, pom pom sponges, washable paint, rubber bands, and butcher paper. 

Creating Musical Instruments – Using simple household objects, you will build 3 different musical instruments that you can play. Materials for this project include tin cans, balloons, rubber bands, paper towel rolls, rice, beans, aluminum foil, plastic spoons, washi tape, and washable paint. 

Freeze Dance Painting – Using your feet, you will create a work of art as you dance to various types of music. When you are finished, you can frame your work of art or use the paper to wrap gifts or decorate one of your musical instruments! Materials for this project include butcher paper and washable paint.

Creating a unique super hero character – Each kit will be given a surprise object. The object that you receive will serve as inspiration to design a character. We will include a sheet of paper for you to draw out the details of your character. If possible, build a costume for your unique character from old clothes or items from around your home. Materials for this project include a secret prop, a large sheet of multimedia paper, and a marker.