Transportation Scholarship Program

The Town of Flower Mound strives to promote a healthy and active lifestyle for the entire community. Everyone should have the opportunity to participate in fun and outgoing recreational opportunities. For some members of the senior community, the lack of transportation prohibits their ability to enjoy the recreational opportunities offered at the Flower Mound Senior Center. Therefore, the Town of Flower Mound in partnership with SIM Auxiliary, Inc. will be offering a scholarship program for those who need financial assistance paying for transportation to and from the Senior Center.

Applications must be filled out completely and returned with all necessary documents to the Flower Mound Senior Center. All applicant information will be reviewed by Senior Center staff and remain confidential. Applicants must provide updated income and tax documentation on an annual basis to remain eligible for the scholarship. 

Eligible applicants will be entitled to reimbursement of 80% of the cost of transportation provided by SPAN to and from the Flower Mound Senior Center. Applicants are eligible to receive reimbursement for up to six (6) one way trips (or three (3) round trips) per week. Applicants will be required to pay for the one way rides at the time of service. The Town will receive a monthly usage report from SPAN and reimbursement checks will be issued within 15 days of receipt of the report. Reimbursement checks will be provided by the SIM Auxiliary and mailed to the applicant’s home address.

Eligible applicants will also be required to fill out an application with SPAN. Applications can be obtained by visiting or calling 940.382.1900. Eligible riders are responsible for scheduling transportation to and from the Senior Center with SPAN. Funds reimbursed through this scholarship program are only to be used for transportation to and from the Senior Center from the applicant’s primary home address. This program is offered by the Town of Flower Mound and is not affiliated with SPAN. All other trips provided though SPAN will not be eligible for reimbursement.  

Transportation Scholarship Application