Art Treasure Hunt

What is the Art Treasure Hunt Challenge?

**Stay tuned for information regarding new boxes and clues!**

Flower Mound is home to a friendly creature named The Flower Moundster. The Moundster is a peaceful being, and one that takes great pride in the beauty of the Town and the importance of the environment. Because of this, recycling and repurposing materials is one of the Moundster’s favorite things to do! The Moundster has teamed up with Keep Flower Mound Beautiful and the Flower Mound Parks and Recreation team to create a challenge for residents based on recycling and repurposing materials.

The Moundster has filled boxes with various materials and hidden them throughout some of the parks in Flower Mound. The hope is that people will find them and make unique creations from the object or objects that have been placed inside. If someone is lucky enough to find one of these “treasure boxes”, they are challenged to push their imaginations! The goal is to create a piece of art using the items that are found inside the treasure box. Inside each box, there will also be instructions and an example. 

Once a box has been found and a unique piece of art has been created take a photo with it and email it to We will highlight the art and the artist(s) on the Town of Flower Mound Cultural Arts webpage. The artwork will be displayed in the Flower Mound Public Library so that The Flower Moundster will have a chance to gaze upon the masterpiece and know that the townspeople are rising to the challenge that it has put forth. Have fun hunting!



Where has The Flower Moundster hidden the boxes?

Heritage Park -  600 Spinks Rd, Flower Mound, 75028

Westchester Park - 3901 Churchill Dr, Flower Mound, TX, 75028

What are the clues to the locations of the boxes? 

Heritage Park



Westchester Park



What do I do if I find a box?

Please email immediately when you find a box. That way, we can let other treasure hunters know to stop looking for that one and to be on the lookout for the next clue to the new treasure!

Where do I take the box and my artwork when I'm finished?

Once you have created your artwork using the object or objects found inside the box, email a photo of you and your artwork to Don't forget to include your name, age, and the name of the park where you found the treasure box. Then, bring the box and the art to the O & M Building, located at 201 Spinks Road, Flower Mound, 75028. You will receive a prize and a featured spot on the Cultural Arts webpage. The artwork will be taken over to the Flower Mound Public Library for display and the box will be filled with more treasure and hidden in a different place for the next treasure hunter to find.

Successful Treasure Hunters and Their Unique Creations

Stormy Allen found a treasure box at Heritage Park and chose to share the art making fun with her whole neighborhood! Inside the box that she found was a set of artist trading cards. Each card was created by a different Fallbrook neighborhood resident. Such an awesome job!

Stormy Allen_Fallbrook neighborhood (2)

Angelique Butler is a treasure hunting superstar and found not one, but TWO of the treasures at Heritage Park. Angelique created a pop up holiday surprise for one of her works and a red, white, and blue design for her second piece. Way to go Angelique!

Butler Treasure 2

Luca, Larkin, and Grant Schiestel worked together and found their treasure box at Heritage Park. They created a wonderful nature scene inside the box using magazines, pompoms, and glue. Great job utilizing recycled and repurposed materials to create a beautiful piece of art!

Schiestel (2)
schiestel art

Sasha Urban found her art treasure at Heritage Park. She used green foam to create a grassy area on the box and decorated it with a beautiful bumble bee and a ladybug. Fantastic job Sasha!

Sasha Urban
sasha urban art

Marshall and Ellisyn Maddox found their treasure box at Gaston Park. They created their piece of art together and they focused on using recycled objects to represent elements of nature. They included tin foil to create mountains, magazine cut outs to create words, a tin can to create a flower, and a wooden stick as a base. Beautiful job Marshall and Ellisyn!

marshal and ellisyn maddox
Maddox treasure

Phoebe and Tabitha Tillman found their treasure box at Post Oak Park. They worked together on their work of art and have titled it, "Treasure of the Arctic". Great job girls!

Tillman girls
Tillman inside of box

Ryker van Hoff found his treasure at Heritage Park. He gathered items laying around his house (some even in the trash) and created a dinosaur scene. He started with the dinosaur noodles and expanded from there using rubber bands for the hill and a cut up straw for the clouds and tree trunk. He loved searching for the treasure! He and his three siblings looked for almost 40 minutes before finding it under the tree trunk. They were all so excited! Awesome job, Ryker!

ryker art

Troy and Jennifer Gier found their treasure at Heritage Park. They dedicated their art work to their favorite bird, the roadrunner. Roadrunners can be found in the south to southwestern part of the United States and their diet includes insects and small reptiles - making them a good creature to have around parks. Great job, Troy and Jennifer!

Jennifer and Troy
Jennifer and Troy Artwork

Preston Stevens found his treasure at Westchester Park. He was the very first treasure hunter to create a piece of art. He used marker and felt to create a masterpiece that includes a house, a rug, and his name. Great job, Preston!

Preston Stevens
Preston inside

Lance and Emily Fulmer dedicated their art treasure that they found at Heritage Park to their late dog, Annie. Annie loved to walk the trails at Heritage, so they thought it was only fitting to create their box in honor of her. The Fulmer's have named each of their dogs after characters from the TV show "Parks and Rec". Annie was named after show's character, Ann Perkins. What a beautiful tribute to their sweet Annie!

The Fulmers and Annie
Annie front