LISD Liaison


The LISD Liaison position serves as a communication link between the Town Council and the Lewisville Independent School District (LISD) in order to stay apprised of activities or events that impact Flower Mound. 


•The LISD Liaison shall be a Flower Mound resident and qualified voter of the Town at the time of his/her appointment, and be actively involved within the district. A member who ceases to reside in the Town during his/her term of office shall immediately forfeit his/her office.

• Other qualifications for membership shall be a genuine interest in educational affairs within the district, the ability to work with the public, Town staff, Town boards, and have the time to devote to this service.

• This position's term will be for two years.

• Serves at the will and pleasure of the Town Council and may be removed before their terms expire.

• Shall serve without compensation.


The LISD Liaison position reports to Council as needed when there are events, special reports, or other activities that might be of interest to residents, or that have a direct or indirect impact on the community.  

Additional responsibilities include help to maintain a positive relationship between the Town and LISD. 

The LISD Liaison may have other responsibilities as authorized or assigned by the Town Council. 


(Vacant position)