Perimeter Fence Replacement Program

The Town adopted the Perimeter Fence Replacement Program to provide a mechanism to assist residents with perimeter fence replacement for wood fencing adjacent to the Town’s thoroughfares.


For the purposes of the Perimeter Fence Replacement Program, the Town defines a “Perimeter Fence” as a fence that is adjacent to an arterial or collector road as defined in the Town’s Thoroughfare Plan.

Properties that are adjacent to eligible locations may join the Perimeter Fence Replacement program, dependent on available program funding. 


Once a resident expresses interest in the program and is determined to be at an eligible location, Town staff work directly with a Town approved fence contractor(s) to determine costs to replace their fence. If the resident agrees to the cost of the fence replacement, they will sign and return to the town a letter of agreement that outlines costs for the fence replacement, and payment options for the resident. Residents have the option of paying the Town back the total costs of the fence replacement in one payment or via an 18-month period at no interest.

Fences constructed as part of the program must not only meet the Town’s required perimeter fence standards (included below) but will be constructed with the goal of longevity and a uniform appearance. Fence permits and inspections will be required and arranged by the Town contractor.

For questions or additional information about the Town’s Perimeter Fence Replacement Program, please contact the Property Standards Division at 972.874.6336 or email

The Town’s Perimeter Fence Standards are included below:

Sec. 14-542. Perimeter fence standards.

Any perimeter fence found to be in violation of subsection 14-541(3) must be repaired or replaced, as applicable, in conformity with the standards set forth below. In addition, any new perimeter fence shall be constructed in conformity with the standards set forth below. Perimeter fence repair, replacement and construction must meet the following minimum standards:

(1)  Fences shall be a minimum of six feet in height and a maximum of eight feet in height. The height of the fence shall not extend above any masonry column. The style of the fence shall be board on board, with a nominal size one-inch by four-inch trim board at the top of the fence. Fences located within front yard setbacks must be constructed of tubular steel and may not exceed four feet in height.

(2)  All vertical posts shall be 23/8-inch minimum outside diameter, .095 gauge galvanized metal. Vertical posts shall be spaced at no greater than eight feet on center, set a minimum of 18 inches deep into two-foot deep, ten-inch diameter concrete post footings.

(3)  For a six-foot tall fence, a minimum of three rails shall be used. For an eight-foot tall fence, a minimum of four rails shall be used. The fence pickets shall be attached to the horizontal rails running from vertical post to post as described in subsection (4) below. The size of the rails shall be no less than nominal size two-inches by four-inches and shall be bolted to steel posts with noncorrosive metal anchor straps and ¼-inch noncorrosive bolts or screws.

(4)  All nails or fasteners shall be of non-rusting, non-corrosive metal such as hot-dipped galvanized steel. All nails or fasteners shall be of the type (such as screw shank, ring shank, or divergent-point staples) that when properly driven, will not work free due to wind vibration, or shrinkage of members.

(5)  All materials shall be securely fastened, vertical pickets to horizontal rails, rails to vertical posts, trim board to top rail, to ensure an ongoing attractive appearance and safe condition, free from rot, rust, vandalism, and other sources of decay.

(6)  The bottom of the fence shall be designed to prevent ground to picket contact. A nominal size two-inch by six-inch kick board shall be used to cover the gap between bottom of pickets and ground. This kick board may have ground contact; however, the kickboard may not impede drainage patterns or create a gap of more than two inches above grade.

(7)  Posts and rails must be placed on the inside of the fence so that they are not facing a street.

(8)  The perimeter wood fence shall be constructed with pre-stained western red cedar in medium brown color or composite material in redwood color.