Work Plan

Phase 1: Project Start-Up, Stakeholder and
Community Engagement, and Additional Research
Project Start - Up March - April 2018
* Establish planning team
* Review key documents; literature review
* Identify stakeholders and Steering Committee
Site Visit 1 (Three Days On Site) April 17 - 19, 2018
* Meet with Planning Team
* Tour Town and identify/document cultural resources
* Conduct stakeholder interviews
* Conduct Steering Committee meeting
Interim Activities April - May 2018
* Develop and conduct online citizen survey
* Develop protocol for study of comparable cities and identify desired cities
* Develop current cultural asset inventory
* Conduct research utilizing CVI in developing economic profile of arts and creative sector
Site Visit 2 (Four Days On Site) May 16 - 19 (tentative)
* Continue stakeholder interviews
* Hold community meetings
* Conduct additional community/resident engagement as determined
Phase II: Strategy and Plan Development  
Interim Activities/Develop First Draft of Plan May - July 2018
• Analyze issues and opportunities arising from process
• Complete comparable cities research
• Complete gap analysis and outline programming needs
• Determine potential role(s) of the Town in supporting arts and cultural development
• Determine relevant trends and regional/national benchmarks applicable metrics
• Gather and develop potential funding strategies
• Outline potential partnerships/collaborations for programs
• Prepare and circulate draft plans

Site Visit 3 (Two Days on Site) Late July
• Meet with project staff/project team
• Community/stakeholder work session to review preliminary strategies and recommendations
• Meet with potential partners and collaborators
• Meet with Town leadership to test potential strategies and recommendations
• Follow-up key person interviews as needed and appropriate

Revise and Finalize Plan August - September 2018
• Analyze feedback from draft plan and site visit 3
• Write final plan, prepare for final presentation
• Prepare final presentations as determined

Final Site Visit 4 (One Day on Site) September 17, 2018
• Meet with project staff/project team
• Presentation of final plan to approving entities and others as determined
• Conduct implementation workshop with project team and other stakeholders as determined
• Three months telephone consultations following approval of plans