Morriss Road Project

Updated: June 1, 2018

In May, the Flower Mound Town Council voted to ensure Morriss Road would remain a four-lane roadway for the foreseeable future by amending the Thoroughfare Master Plan. Morriss Road’s designation in the plan was changed from a major arterial, which calls for six lanes, to an urban minor arterial divided roadway, a four-lane road designation.
If Council members wish to change its designation in the future, it will take a super-majority vote of at least 4-1.

The Council also approved several safety upgrades and traffic flow improvements that will be included in the Morriss Road Improvement Project. These options include:

  • Add a second left-turn lane from Garden Road to Morriss and prohibit right turns on red from northbound Morriss to Garden during school zone hours. This will allow more cars to come out of Forestwood Middle School, and reduce congestion on Garden Road during school pick-up/drop-off times.
  • Install a three-way stop at Garden and Firewheel Drive to allow better operation of the intersection.
  • Add a third lane northbound Morriss Road through the FM 3040 intersection to Lake Bluff Drive to eliminate the bottlenecking at the intersection.
  • Extend the southbound Morriss left turn lane at Forest Vista.
  • Add warning signs at selected curves along Morriss.

These improvements will be part of the larger project that includes panel replacement and ADA improvements from FM 3040 to Garden, as well as water line replacement from Forest Vista to Garden.

For questions, please contact Brian Waltenburg, Senior Project Engineer, at 972.874.6234 or Tiffany Bruce, Acting Executive Director of Public Works, at 972.874.6306.

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