Veterans Liaison Board


The ad hoc board meets quarterly and at the discretion of its members to coordinate with Town staff on Veteran related services and events.  


Place 1 - Matthew AmidonMatt Amidon

Place 2 - Si Simonson
Si Simonson
Place 3 - Mike BeanMike Bean

Place 4 - Charlene Matthews
Charlene Matthews

Place 5 - Vacant

Place 6 - Paul Perez
Paul Perez


The Veterans Liaison and Board was created to enhance the Town’s current programs and services that honor our community’s men and women who served, or are currently serving, in the U.S. Armed Forces. The purpose of the board is to have representatives from the Veteran community serve in an advisory and participant role on matters pertaining to Veterans affairs.

Qualifications and Term

The Veterans Liaison Board shall be Flower Mound residents and qualified voters of the Town at the time of his/her appointment, with five (5) of the six (6) members required to be currently serving in the military or hold a Veteran status. The sixth member is not required to be currently serving in the military or hold a Veteran status but shall be subject to all other qualification requirements. A member who ceases to reside in the Town during his/her term of office shall immediately forfeit his/her office.

  • Other qualifications for membership shall be a genuine interest in Veterans affairs, the ability to work with the public, Town staff, Town boards, and have the time to devote to this service.
  • The Veteran Liaison Board shall consist of six (6) members appointed by a majority vote of the Town Council in accordance with established procedures.
  • Members shall be designated as place numbers one through six.
  • The terms of office for members shall be for two years. Places one, three, and five shall be appointed to two-year terms ending on September 30 in odd numbered years. Places two, four, and six shall be appointed to two-year terms ending on September 30 in even numbered years.
  • Members of the Board serve at the pleasure of the Town Council and may be removed before their terms of office expire.
  • The Veterans Liaison Board shall serve without compensation.


  • Serve as an information resource on the Town’s Veterans programs website.
  • Work with various boards/commissions, Town staff, the public and other organizations, to serve in both an advisory and participative role in coordinating Veterans events, activities, and announcements.
  • Help to maintain a positive relationship between the Town and Denton County Veterans and other area Veteran support organizations.
  • The Veterans Liaison Board may have other responsibilities as authorized or assigned by the Town Council.
  • See Res. 12-21 for more information.


Si Simonson, Board Member, Place 2

David Powell, Town Staff Representative, 972.874.6300