Build Responsibility

Get a permit before you build. Don’t build or grade within 10 feet of your property line so you don’t alter drainage between homes.

Flood insurance is available to residents of the Town of Flower Mound because the town participates in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). As a requirement of participating in the NFIP the Town of Flower Mound is required to issue a permit for all development and enforce construction guidelines in the floodplain. If the Town fails to comply, the Town could be expelled from the NFIP and flood insurance would not be offered to residents. A floodplain development permit is required for work in the floodplain. This applies to all of the following, but not limited to:
  • Construction of new structures
  • Modifications or improvements to existing structures
  • Fences
  • Excavation
  • Filling, grading, and land clearing
  • Paving
  • Drilling, and driving of Piles
  • Mining
  • Dredging
  • Storage of material and/or equipment
  • Temporary stream crossing
  • Installation of septic systems

If the location of the work is near Lake Grapevine a permit from the United States Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) for work within their Flowage Easement may be required in addition to any applicable Flower Mound permits. The USACE Flowage Easement is generally defined as the area bounded by the MSL 572.0 contour. Report any illegal floodplain development to the Town Floodplain Manager.