Natural and Beneficial Functions

The Town of Flower Mound is a beautiful place to live. Many undisturbed creeks and wetlands provide a wide range of benefits to the human and natural systems. They provide flood storage and conveyance, reduce flood velocities, improve water quality, and protect natural habitats. Water Quality is improved through the creeks and wetlands ability to filter nutrients and impurities from runoff and process organic waste. The local creeks and wetlands provide breeding and feeding grounds for fish and wildlife, create and enhance waterfowl habitat, and protect habitats for rare and endangered species. The Town of Flower Mound protects the floodplain areas by regulating that these areas be kept in their natural state. 

Don’t pour oil, gasoline, grease, pesticides, pool chemicals, paint, or other pollutants down storm drains or into ditches and creeks. Our creeks are a great benefit to the residents of Flower Mound and drain to drinking water supplies. Let’s protect them and keep them clean. 

To dispose of hazardous waste properly use Republic Service’s Household Hazardous Waste program. To schedule a pick up call 817.317.2000. 
For more information, please visit the Town's Environmental Stormwater webpage.