Protect Your Property From Flood Hazards

Just because your home or business has not flooded in recent years does not mean that it will not be flooded. The Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) is the area predicted to be flooded in a 1% annual storm.  As the years go by, the risk increases. There is a 26 percent chance a property in this area will flood in a 30 year period. Another way to consider this, there is a 1 in 6 chance of the property being flooded in 18 years.


There are ways to modify your building to minimize flood damage. Where flooding is shallow or from localized drainage, measures such as regrading your yard and elevating utilities will minimize the amount of damage to your building. Check with the Town’s Building Department before you build on, alter, regrade, or fill on your property. A permit may be needed to ensure that a project is compliant with all regulations. These regulations are designed to protect your property from flood damage and to make sure you don’t cause a problem for your neighbors.  If the project is in the SFHA a floodplain development permit is required.


Store your valuables and insurance papers upstairs in a waterproof container.


Store hazardous materials on a self or in an elevated cabinet. Flood water can cause hazardous materials stored on the floor to spill or be washed away. Items such as cleaners, paints, pesticides, pool chlorine and acid, wood stains and varnishes, and gasoline should be protected from flood water.


Contact the Town's Floodplain Manager for advice about flood hazards, drainage problems, and protection measures to protect your property from flood damage. If requested, a Town representative can meet on-site to discuss concerns and provide advice about protection measures.