Insurance Services Office/Public Protection Class

The Flower Mound Fire Department currently holds a 1/1X Public Protection Classification (PPC) from the Insurance Services Office (ISO). A Class 1 rating is the highest possible and places the Town of Flower Mound in the top one percent of all communities classified by the ISO.

A high rating from the ISO can ultimately mean lower personal and commercial property insurance rates for members of the ranked community, as ISO statistics reveal communities with higher ratings have bigger reductions in loss of life and property when fire does occur. Homeowners and commercial insurance policy holders in the Town of Flower Mound should remind their insurance companies of the ISO rating at the time of renewal, as rates and premiums could see a reduction. Most U.S. insurers, including the largest companies, use PPC information as part of their decision-making when determining who to insure, the amount of coverage allowed, and premium costs. 

PPC numbers range from 1 to 10, with 1 being the very best and 10 representing less than minimum recognized fire protection. To determine a community’s PPC, ISO conducts a field survey, visiting the community and observing and evaluating features of the fire protection systems. Specifically, ISO evaluates the emergency communications systems, the fire department and its fire suppression capabilities, the community’s water supply, and the community’s risk reduction efforts. After a reevaluation in March 2021, Flower Mound’s grade was raised from a Class 2 to Class 1.

The improved rating was based on several factors, including the addition of Fire Station #7, which improved average Flower Mound Fire Department response times; the addition of a second truck company with Truck 505 at Fire Station #5; improvements to Flower Mound’s dispatch center, which included a station alerting system implemented in 2020; and improvements to the Town’s water supply and distribution system. The Flower Mound Fire Department worked closely with 911 communications officers and Public Works staff to provide training, systems, and all the requested documentation required by ISO.

Only 411 communities nationwide and 74 communities in Texas have achieved a Class 1 rating.