Flower Mound Tall Tales

Flower Mound Tall Tales

Andrew Morriss was born on a big ranch outside of Flower Mound, Texas. He and his favorite horse, Kirk, would spend the days tending to the cattle and trying to count all the trees in the area. He loved Texas so much – the beautiful sunsets on the Cross Timbers plains of Flower Mound, the gorgeous green belts of Austin, and the gentle current of the Trinity River. And he loved to go to Grapevine Lake to fish and swim in the open waters. But his favorite place to be was his ranch, Flower Mound HorseAcres, where he and Kirk could do anything they wanted. 
One day, Andrew Morriss was mending a fence alongside the famous Mound, an area that rose to more than 50 feet high. Kirk was with him, chomping on some Wild Foxglove and Tall Bluestream grass that grew along The Mound. All of a sudden and out of nowhere, a small stone flew through the air and hit Kirk. Kirk let out a loud neigh and Andrew Morriss jumped up, mad as can be. 

Horse Chewing Flower

“Hey there! Who threw that stone at my horse?” cried Andrew Morriss.

“I did!” said a voice. 

Up walked a flower, the most beautiful flower Andrew had ever seen. She was a wildflower and she was the most lovely shade of red.Wendy “Who are you?” Andrew Morriss asked.

“I’m Wildflower Wendy. How dare you let that horse eat my wildflowers! Don’t you know that the wildflowers on the Mound, in Flower Mound are protected by the Town?” she said.
Wildflower Wendy

“Yes….I did…but…” stuttered Andrew Morriss.

“Well, then, I suggest you let them be and stop letting your horse make lunch out of them,” said Wildflower Wendy. “I don’t let anybody mess with Flower Mound.”

Andrew Morris and Wildflower Wendy talked for hours and realized how much they had in common. They both loved Flower The EndMound and Texas more than anything. From then on they were best friends. 
Andrew Morris and Wildflower Wendy

These days, Andrew Morris and Wildflower Wendy are always traveling around the area teaching all kids about The Mound’s history, geography, and other neat facts about the town they call home, Flower Mound. Look out for them. You might just spot them riding throughout the Town someday!

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