Parks and Trails Master Plan

Purpose of the Plan

Parks, recreational opportunities, open space, and trails continue to be a key component to the Town of Flower Mound's quality of life for our residents. As the Town continues to develop rural land into commercial and residential tracts, the preservation of parks and open space is vital to the mental and physical health and quality of life of its residents. The primary purpose of the Parks and Trails Plan is to assess the current state of the parks, recreation, trails, and open space system; define needs and deficiencies in the system; and establish goals and priorities for improving the system.

In addition to these primary functions, the plan also identifies changing trends locally, regionally, and nationally; identifies citizens needs and opinions; and recommends changes on various scales – from Town-wide to site-specific, and of various types – from physical, to regulatory, to operational. The plan is intended to guide the staff and elected officials of the Town as they decide how best to meet and prioritize the parks and recreational needs of the Town over the next 10 years. 

The Parks and Trails Plan has been updated four times since the original plan in 1989 to reflect the changing needs of Flower Mound residents.  The approved Parks & Trails Plan along with the technical document is included in the Town's overall Master Plan.