SMARTGrowth Commission


Meets on an as-needed basis.

Agendas, Packets, and Minutes 

Agendas are posted online, and on the Town Hall notice board, at least 72 hours prior to the meeting. Should an agenda packet be prepared this will also be available online, along with any draft or approved minutes. 

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The SMARTGrowth Commission consists of all Planning and Zoning Commission members plus the representatives below:

Real Estate Community Representative - Kris WiseKris Wise
Development Community Representative - Brian Dench
Brian Dench

*Above members also serve as part of the Capital Improvements Advisory Committee. 


Performs duties below and all other powers as may be conferred by the Town Council :

  • Conducts a review of the effectiveness of the SMARTGrowth Program in achieving its stated objectives
  • Conducts public hearings and meetings as necessary to obtain the requisite public comment and input to perform the powers and duties
  • Determines whether compliance with the SMARTGrowth Criteria has been maintained by all development applications and projects previously approved
  • Determines whether compliance with the SMARTGrowth Criteria is likely to be maintained in the future, based on short-range (one-to-two years) and mid-range (three-to-five years) forecasts
  • Performs the duties and responsibilities of the capital improvements advisory committee required by Chapter 395 of the Texas Local Government Code pertaining to the assessment and collection of impact fees

Contact Us

Click on this email ( to provide comments to Planning & Zoning and SMARTGrowth Commission members about current or future agenda related items. Any non-agenda email(s) will be deleted. Commission members are unable to reply to your message(s) due to Open Meetings and Public Information Act regulations. In addition, correspondence received two hours prior to the meeting start time may not be read as commission members are preparing for the meeting.

For additional information or questions, contact Planning Services staff at 972.874.6350 or
Lexin Murphy, Director of Planning Services
LauriAnn Cash, Executive Assistant